The first bottled water was sold in 1776 by a Company called Jackson’s Spa, a Boston based company. The water, which came from mineral springs, was believed to have healing properties.  People began drinking it and bathing in it. To this day, “taking the waters,” which is how people refer to bathing in mineral-rich springs, is extremely popular for healing a variety of common ailments.

In the 1970s, 350 million gallons of bottled water sold in the United States annually. Most of the water was in five-gallon jugs used in office water coolers. There was a small, budding demand for mineral water, bottled from natural springs.  In 2015 the bottled water industry was valued at over $185 billion in the United States and expected to reach $334 billion by 2023.

Fast forward to March 2017. Bottled water had surpassed coffee, tea, soda, beer, or alcoholic beverages as the number one beverage in the United States.

We now have bottled Alkaline Water, Vitamin Water, Sparkling Water, Spring Water, Mineral Water, Purified Water, Flavored Waters, CBD Water, on and on. Each of these waters is marketed, touting a variety of health benefits. We do need to stay hydrated to stay healthy.  Do these waters deliver on their promises? Scientists have mixed reviews. What we do all agree on is the need for clean, safe, pure water to live.

The demand for bottled water keeps growing and growing due to the health challenges we are facing.  We are finding more contaminants and toxic chemicals in our food and water supplies. Microplastics ironically are a troubling issue in our water supply. The largest source of microplastics is plastic water bottles. They are even finding microplastics in apples contaminated by the grower’s water source.   In agricultural regions, water often is contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers, and waste from livestock.

There have been some very public water scandals. Do you remember reading about the high levels of lead found in the Flint Michigan water system?  The children in Newark, New Jersey, are four times as likely to have elevated levels of toxic lead in their blood than the children of Flint, Michigan, according to recent reports from the Federal Government.

The largest water bottling companies, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and PepsiCo, sell the top fifty brands of water. Most of that water comes from local municipal water systems.  The government passed the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 to limit harmful chemicals in our water supply. The restrictions are not monitored or enforced.   Also, most of our wastewater-treatment systems do not remove hormones, antidepressants, and other drugs that find their way into our public water systems. The Trump Administration further weakened the rules for protecting our waterways.

Bottled water is a lot of marketing hype. They show us pictures of snow-capped mountains, hidden snow-fed streams, and glacier lakes. The truth is that most of this water is filtered water from local water municipalities, aren’t as closely monitored as you think. There are no enforceable standards for bottled drinking water.

So, what do we do??? 

We need healthy water to have a healthy immune system and a healthy body.

How do we find a safe, healthy solution to our drinking water for our families and co-worker?

How do we save our Planet Earth from death by plastic bottles?

How do we stop wasting resources on ineffective solutions?

We can start by following the science.  Experts agree that to create healthy water, start with a reverse osmosis system to purify the water.   The reverse osmosis process is even used in desalination plants to turn salt water into drinking water.

 According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC) website:

Reverse Osmosis Systems use a process that reverses the flow of water in a natural process of osmosis so that water passes from a more concentrated solution to a more dilute solution through a semi-permeable membrane. Pre- and post-filter are often incorporated, along with the reverse osmosis membrane itself.

  • A reverse osmosis filter has a pore size of approximately 0.0001 microns.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems have very high effectiveness in removing protozoa (for example, Cryptosporidium, Giardia).
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems have very high effectiveness in removing bacteria (for example, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli).
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems have very high effectiveness in removing viruses (for example, Enteric, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Rotavirus).
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems will remove common chemical contaminants (metal ions, aqueous salts), including sodium, chloride, copper, chromium, and lead; may reduce arsenic, fluoride, radium, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, and phosphorous.

It’s because of our desire to fulfill this need to Go Green, Drink Healthy Water and Save Money, the team at Breakroom Solutions offers a bottle-less, hands-free water cooler. For companies and their employees.  We provide the ultimate break room solution of   Ecco friendly, healthy, clean, and safe hydration. No bottles -no hassles. No heavy lifting.

Using the latest in innovative water technology, they plumb in a multi-stage water filtration system. This inline water filter system is attached to the main water supply, with minimal disruption of use. Sintered metal and mesh elements within the filter trap particles, remove contaminants and protect the equipment from bacteria and corrosion.

The bottle-less water cooler of your choice is then attached to the filtered water supply. All our Pure Water Coolers come equipped with high-performance carbon filtration, a microbiological purification process using ultraviolet rays, and an antimicrobial coating called BioCote®. The results: Fresh drinking water for your employees, helping them stay hydrated and productive.

The Break Room Solution Filtration System starts with the installation of a reverse osmosis system. Our covid-19 maintenance process ensures that your water tastes and tests its best all year long.

A Reverse Osmosis System requires regular maintenance to be effective. Break Room Solutions does all the heavy lifting for you.

Your Breakroom Service person will clean and sanitize your water cooler on a regular schedule, keeping your staff safe.

  • Sediment Pre-filter:A sediment pre-filter needs to be changed every 6 to 12 months, or more if you are in an area where water is high in turbidity.
  • Carbon Pre-filter:A carbon pre-filter needs to be changed every 6 to 12 months. By doing so, the membrane life and equipment will last longer.
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane: The reverse osmosis membrane needs to be changed every 24 months, and the reverse osmosis filters need periodic maintenance.
  • Carbon Post Filter: It is essential, that you change the carbon post-filter every 12 months. Waiting longer can change the taste and quality of your water.

We also offer sparkling water hands- free coolers, coffee, and break room supplies. So, bring your reusable water bottle to work. Feel good about saving the planet. Feel great about drinking Pure Water that you can count on. Save money and Go Green with a Purified Water System.

Order our Sparkling Water Delivery Service to keep your team Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated.

Let us get your Break Room “Back to Work” ready.  Germ, bacteria, and virus free Stop the spread of COVID -19. Our Ten step process includes cleaning and sanitizing your water coolers. We service the Greater Los Angeles Area. Repair or Upgrade your Breakroom Now. Your 100%satifaction is Guaranteed!!!

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