As businesses reopen, we all face the challenge of how to stay healthy and keep our immune systems functioning at an optimum level. We are heading into the fall and winter months. Facing seasonal colds and flu is a struggle for both employers and employees.  It looks like Covid-19 will be with us as well. Guidelines for opening are very confusing. Even the CDC is changing recommendations every week. It’s time for a common-sense approach to business, health, and safety.  How do you keep your people safe and not break the budget in the process? The stronger your immune system the healthier you are. The easier it is for you to maintain a healthy body and perform at your best.  A healthy immune system starts with Hydration.

Dehydration is a serious condition that can be life-threatening.

Water is the key to staying healthy and hydrated. Our bodies are anywhere from 50% to 70% water. We need water for the body’s systems to work!!!  So… Keep the good quality, pure water flowing. To encourage you to keep that water bottle full and keep chugging throughout the day here are the

Top Five reasons to stay hydrated:

  • Drinking pure water boosts the immune system by flushing out the toxins and bacteria that cause disease. Keeping hydrated is essential for your body to function properly and maintain your immune system.
  • Dehydration has an extremely negative effect on the brain. The brain is 73% water. Even if you are only 10 % dehydrated your brain functions at 50% capacity.
  • Dehydration causes headaches, diminished memory, impaired thinking, potential nerve damage.
  • Chronic dehydration leads to chronic inflammation. This can cause heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.
  • Researchers have even found a correlation between anxiety, depression, and dehydration.

The benefits for you and your company are a staff that is healthy, happy, productive, creative, innovative, and focused.

This is where you can step in as a Savvy Employer.  Create an easy access break room that makes drinking good pure water easy and convenient while keeping everyone safe. You want to encourage everyone to keep hydrated, stay healthy, and feel good in mind-body, and spirit. By providing pure water machines and pure water coffee machines you will encourage your people to skip the sugary drinks and treats. Avoid the afternoon energy slumps and instead complete those to-do- lists with energy to spare.

Many companies are struggling with the issues of how to keep their break rooms safe and sanitary as they reopen their business in Los Angeles.  Without staff to constantly sanitize you are in a bind. That’s why businesses in Los Angeles rely on Break Room Solutions for all their water and coffee needs.

Break Room Solutions provides water machines for Los Angles businesses. They are known for Reinventing the Break Room by providing no-touch water machines and no-touch coffee machines.

 Feel confident in serving your staff, teammates, and client’s high quality, safe, pure water, and coffee.

Break Room Solutions features their pure water anti-microbial system.  Offering coffee and water machines with no-touch technology.  No -Touch means people can keep their germs to themselves! They have Reinvented the Break Room by offering a superior, safe, healthy product at a superior price point. Included with every no-touch coffee and water machine is free service for the lifetime of the contract. Their bottle-less system saves you and the environment.  No more bottles!!! No more trips to the Chiropractor from lifting those heavy bottles. Your monthly bill will be consistent and will save you an average of 25%-50%.

Safe, Healthy, Easy, and Cost-Effective. Call Break Room Solutions today, your Los Angeles water machine, and Coffee machine providers.    Reinvent Your Breakroom.  877.413.7464      877.41.DRINK










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