For many of us, it’s time to get back to our offices. Let’s get real…it was nice working in our PJs and sleeping late instead of commuting to work, but hours a day on Zoom meetings are getting tiresome!!! Are you craving some adult interaction? I know we love our kids but 24×7? Are you hunting for some creative space to get work done? Some people have resorted to renting hotel rooms or mini offices to deal with the Covid-19 office closures.

With new safety protocols in place, we can get back to our offices.  The stress of operating with all the new protocols can be overwhelming. Take some extra time to be kind to yourself, destress, and pay special attention to your health, diet, and exercise. The foundation of a healthy body and healthy immune system starts with drinking enough clean fresh water every day.  Staying adequately hydrated is key to functioning at your optimum capacity.   Studies show that if you are even 10% dehydrated, your capacity to think and problem solve can diminish by up to 50%.  Also, hydration is key to a healthy immune system. You probably never spent much time thinking about the water cooler. Covid-19 has changed all that. You should be concerned!  Nothing has the potential to spreads germs, bacteria, and viruses faster than the water cooler…the most used appliance in the break room! When you sanitize the water cooler, you cut transmission at the source. Decrease the spread of cold and flu viruses and decrease sick days.

Break Room Solutions, services the greater Los Angeles area.  We are the solution to all your breakroom supplies. We offer water cooler delivery, installation, and maintenance as well as water delivery service.  With our New Bottle- Free Machines and state -of- the- art advanced multi-stage water filtration systems, gone are the days of lifting and storing heavy water bottles. Our newest delivery service includes a line of Touch- Free Sparkling Water Coolers, keeping your employees Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated.

According to health experts, Sparkling Water is good for your health and makes it bubbly fun to stay hydrated. Sparkling Water is carbonated water and does not contain any additional salts, minerals, or sugars.

Top Reasons to Drink Sparkling Water

  • Improves swallowing ability and reduces the need to clear your throat, which enhances digestion.
  •  Great for dieters-Gives you the experience of feeling full longer, helping you cut unwanted calories
  • Helps people to kick the sugary soda habit. Great for your diet and preventing “the afternoon slump.”
  • Relieves constipation naturally.
  •  People enjoy the carbonation. They drink more water and achieve their daily water consumption goals

The beauty industry has appreciated the benefits of sparkling water for years. In Japan and Korea, women use sparkling H20 to wash their faces and achieve a glowing complexion. The slightly acidic lower pH level of Sparkling Water matches the pH of our skin. This combination creates a Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated complexion.

Order our Sparkling Water Delivery Service to keep your team Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated. Let us get your Break Room “Back to Work” ready.  Germ, bacteria, and virus free Stop the spread of COVID -19. Our Ten step process includes cleaning and sanitizing your water coolers.

We service the Greater Los Angeles Area. Repair or Upgrade your Breakroom Now.

Your 100%satifaction is Guaranteed!!!

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