A Passion for Water Purity

Breakroom Solutions, a division of Pure Water L.A., was founded in 2010 on the pure principle of making breakrooms employee friendly by offering the most basic of necessities in a healthier version, accessible to all.

Offering crisp, clean purified water was important to the company, and even more important, making the water available in a greener alternative was the icing on the cake. For the last 10 years, Breakroom Solutions has been making it their goal to offer purified drinking water through a bottle-less water system. A green alternative to 5-gallon plastic bottles, Breakroom Solutions provide a commercial inline water filter that purifies water. With this technology and the growing needs of our customers, we have broadened our product mix in the service industry to include new water technologies. Not only have we helped businesses eliminate the clutter and liability of heavy 5-gallon water bottles, but we have helped customers upgrade to bottle-less water coolers that are more cost-effective, efficient, and healthier for their employees. The purified drinking water, carbonated water, purified ice, specialty and commercial grade coffee, and tea are better tasting.

We maintain a 95% customer retention rate and exceptional “rave reviews” from our 1000+ customers. Explore how you can have a better breakroom for your employees and be part of this water technology. Ceci Dymally and Howard Blank are here to help you convert your ordinary breakroom into a breakroom for the ages.

Ceci Dymally & Howard Blank

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